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The Wonder Of You Is Welcome Here

Chuang Tzu Is Not For Everyone
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The enemy is ignorance (theirs and ours).

Yet patience is the most powerful pistol. So is paper.

View violence as very necessary. Encourage the education of expression.

Its what you produce, not what you purchase.

Information is inevitable.

Be a part of purpose.

Authority is to be analyzed.

You are awkward. ( Its ok, so are we)

The wonder of you is welcome here.

4 Rules OF Chuang Tzu

1. Chuang Tzu Is Not For Everyone

You Know Who You Are

2. Sharing Is Caring

Got a piece of... work you'd like to share? A band. A community. A Rant. We listen.

3. Open Mind And Compassion

Ready to take. Ready To Give.

4. Service

Do something about it.

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