Jennifer C Brindley (creekstersheart) wrote in chuangtzucares,
Jennifer C Brindley

Just Thought I'd Let You Know

So... my brother told me a story today about you and
I almost puked in my mouth and swallowed it.

My stomach was churning and I thought it was
going to rally up my esophagus and out my mouth
past my lips and onto his face which also showed
disgust and he probably wanted to spray vomit
but he didn't because he knew he'd have to keep
telling the story and he couldn't finish unless
he had full functional use of his mouth.

I still think of vomiting and swallowing it
every time I think of the story which will now happen
every time I see you.

I just hope your premonitions about people are correct
and you stay away from me in the distant to near future
unless you actually enjoy the smell of vomit
on your face.
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